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Providing you with the best possible mobility and independence aids.

As a community owned Profit for Purpose organisation, Mounties Care work to improve the lives of our members and the communities in which they live. We look to improve lives through our Retirement Living, General Practice, Specialist Medicine, Homecare Nursing and Mobility products, bringing a holistic view to a better life and greater independence.

Mounties Care Mobility & Independence delivers our customers an extensive range of the best independent living aids to ensure quality of life and independence is accessible to all members.

We take pride in offering an exceptional selection of top-tier mobility equipment, ensuring you have access to the finest options available. You can experience these cutting-edge solutions first hand, within our expansive showrooms, allowing you to make informed choices that contribute to an improved way of life.

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Home Care Services

The Mounties Care Group offer a range of services that cater to people from all walks of life, including Retirement Living, General Practice, Specialist Medicine, Homecare nursing and Mobility.

We collaborate with you to put together a personalised care plan that is tailored to your individual needs and that suits your lifestyle.

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Focused on our Community

Mounties Care is a community organisation, committed to improving the lives of our community.

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Our in-store or in-home demo options make it easy and simple to try and buy mobility equipment.

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Our money-back guarantee and industry-leading warranty ensure you can rest easy.

Australian Owned and Operated

Mounties is an Australian operated organisation. We support local Australian communities.