Varilite Raft Posture Seat Plus

Varilite Raft Posture Seat Plus


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NDIS Elligible

  • Promotes airflow to keep the seat cooler and protect the skin
  • Redistributes weight to reduce hip and back pain
  • Contoured for improved posture and alignment
  • Heat resistant and waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Microfibre cover included

The Raft Posture Seat Plus is designed to promote continuous air flow and creates a breathable seating base that provides cool comfort and protects the skin.

This cushion is made up of 49 pillars that redistribute weight to reduce pressure on the spine and tailbone, and reduce pain associated with sitting for long periods. The immersion pillars contour and cradle which helps to maintain good posture by allowing the pelvis to tilt forwards for a well balanced spine with natural curves.

The Raft Posture Seat Plus is waterproof and can be washed in either a washing machine or dishwasher up to 80 degrees celsius.

Product dimensions: 18x16x1.5" (46x41x3.8cm)

Out of Stock

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