Inflatable Leg Wedge

Inflatable Leg Wedge


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NDIS Elligible

  • Reduces swelling and improves circulation
  • Multi-use
  • Made from durable PVC with soft touch surface
  • Hand washable
  • Travel bag included

The Inflatable Leg Wedge Cushion is perfect for keeping your legs in an elevated position without having to stack cushions on top of one another. The leg pillow is designed to relieve sore knees, feet and legs and can improve poor circulation.

It can also be used to rest your back and help you rest in a more upright position.

It has a quick and easy inflation valve that prevents air leakage once closed, ensuring the cushion keeps it's inflated size without the worry of deflation. 

Product dimensions: D590mm x W620mm x H270mm

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