Aidapt Eye Drop Dispenser

Aidapt Eye Drop Dispenser


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NDIS Elligible

  • Allows the user to self administer eye drops
  • Can be used with the majority of bottle sizes
  • Ideal for users who live alone or who struggle to keep a steady hand
  • Re-usable and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, portable and fits neatly into a bag or purse
  • Ideal for travel

The Aidapt Eye Drop Dispenser enables the user to self-administer their eye drops easily and safely in the comfort of their own home, ideal for those who live alone or find it hard to keep a steady hand.

The Aidapt Eye Drop Dispenser is ideal for travel use as it is lightweight and small enough to fit into a bag or purse. It is re-usable and easy to clean.

Product dimensions: 102x42x42mm

Net weight: 0.033kg

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