Doff 'n' Donner Set

Doff 'n' Donner Set


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NDIS Elligible

  • Facilitates the donning and removal of compression stockings easily
  • Allows compression stockings to slide painlessly over wounds and scars
  • Great for the stocking user or a nurse/carer
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for different leg shapes
  • Extends the life of compression stockings
  • Suitable for calf or thigh stockings and open or closed toe

The Doff 'n' Donner Set is a device that allows one to slide on medical compression stockings over an arm or leg quickly and painlessly.

This compression sock aid is durable and suits many different leg shapes and compression garment types. It helps to extend the life of compression socks and stockings by reducing the risk of damage to the garment, and can be used easily by either the wearer or a carer.

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