Washable Bed Pad

Washable Bed Pad


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NDIS Elligible

  • A more eco-friendly option than disposable bed pads
  • Attached ‘tuck-ins’ fold around the mattress for a secure fit
  • Soft breathable top layer with non-slip, waterproof backing
  • Special stay-dry fabric for longer lasting dryness
  • 1000ml absorption
  • Machine-washable

This Washable Bed Pad is a waterproof bed pad with tuck-ins for a secure fit.

The bed pad is designed with a soft, breathable, stay dry fabric top layer with a non slip waterproof backing, it provides a more eco-friendly option than disposable bed pads while still keeping the user dry and comfortable.

It can absorb up to 1000mls and is machine washable for convenient and easy re-use.

Dimensions: 850x900x25mm

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