ArmRx Single Arm Glove XL

ArmRx Single Arm Glove XL


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NDIS Elligible
DVA Elligible

  • Designed for larger arm sizes
  • Surgical and wound protection from unwanted moisture and water exposure
  • Suitable for use in the shower or bath
  • Perfect for casts, dressings, burns, skin conditions and more
  • Light and convenient for use at home, in hospital or during travel
  • A set of hook and loop straps for securing the glove included
  • Sold as singles

ArmRx Arm Glove XL provides waterproof protection for casts, wounds, dressings, skin conditions, burns, bandages and any other condition that requires protection from unwanted water exposure.

They are light, neatly packaged and convenient for use anytime and anywhere - in hospital, at home or during travel.

Each single pack of ArmRx Arm Glove XL consists of a single arm sleeve with a set of "hook and loop" straps that adjust the glove to the required size and fasten it securely on the limb, forming a watertight pocket that helps keep the user's arm completely dry.

ArmRx Arm Glove XL is a full length, clear, re-usable, single glove pack made from environmentally friendly recyclable polyethylene. They are easy to store and do not require special disposal. The gloves can withstand more than one bath or one shower, if appropriately cleaned, dried and stored between re-uses.

XL Glove fits arm up to 95cm long x 48 to 68cm in circumference

TGA Approved ARTG 226969

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