3-Core Bariatric Memory Foam Cushion

3-Core Bariatric Memory Foam Cushion


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NDIS Elligible
DVA Elligible

  • High quality, medical grade performance foam
  • High density support, protecting against collapsing
  • Visco-elastic cell structure
  • High temperature stability and vapour breathable
  • Postural comfort
  • Durable, stain resistant black polyurethane cover
  • Soft touch and gentle on skin
  • Fire retardant
  • High frequency welded/fused seams
  • Integrated waterproof flat zipper

The 3-Core Bariatric Memory Foam Cushion is made from 3 extremely high performance, medical grade memory foams.

The base layer provides high density support and protects against collapsing. The centre layer provides ultimate comfort and support. The top layer is an airoform memory foam that provides immersion and envelopment, enhanced breathability and lasting performance.

The 3 Core Bariatric Memory Foam Cushion is ideal for use on wheelchairs, powerchairs or other mobility equipment. It can also be used for the car seat and general seating comfort.

2 sizes available:

Medium 560x420x90mm | Large 610x420x90mm

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